all those nights I stayed up late waiting for you

all those dates you cancelled

all those late nights you called

all those Sundays I went to church alone

i asked you

if I had done something wrong

if I said something awful

if you were bothered with something

you laughed it all off

saying I was overthinking

telling me to trust you a little more

asking me to believe you, and your words

only to find out

you were with another girl

eating dinner with her, while I wait for you to come home

watching movies with her, when I always asked you to watch with me, you said you were busy

going on dates with her, while I stay home wondering what you were up to

spending valentine’s day with her, while I stayed up late waiting for your message, hoping for a little surprise from you

love, you said I was at fault

for doubting you and your words

for thinking you were dishonest

for asking you thoughtless things

and I said sorry

many times

though I didn’t know what I did wrong

I said sorry

for things I did and didn’t do

and you said it’s okay

because you love me

you told me to change

and to believe in you

and I did love

because I love you

because I believe in you

I did

because I loved you

because I believed in you



Your touch brings me ripples of excitement

Your voice makes me forget my sleepiness

I crave your hug the way I crave coffee in the morning

I long for your kiss, every minute I utter your name

It’s a strange thing, these feelings you bring

I forget what I went through whenever I hear you say “I love you”

In times of discomfort, your hug I’m sure would be my only cure

And hell I know I wouldn’t sleep properly at night without hearing you say good night

Things have changed ever since you came back

I started to forget every bitterness I said about falling in love

You see, the things I do for you, it’s a new version of me

A version which I think is better than what I used to be

I love you, I’m quite sure of it love

Don’t ask me why, for a day of explaining might not be enough

I love you, can’t you just accept it for now?

Then let’s spend every day showing how we adore each other so much

to the next guy who would dare say he loves me

it will be difficult to convince me of what you feel,

for I’ve been in many situations where guys would cover with lies what’s real

so please be patient with me and don’t give up right away

make me believe that this time, someone is willing to stay


I’ll doubt your words, so you have to be persistent

I’ll act like I don’t care, so you have to be confident

when I text you, call you, or chat you first it’s a sign

I’m opening up; soon I’ll be calling you mine


I like “good mornings” and “good nights” the most

at morning, remind me of my coffee and toast

I like receiving notes, and I still think love letters are the best

travels, food, music, movies,  books… those are what’s inside my treasure chest


I’ll care for you, I’ll miss you, but I won’t say it

I’m not a cheesy person, but I’ll love it if sometimes you’re sweet

expensive dates and gifts, those are not my thing

a walk in a park, a museum visit, or a coffee date— we can do these and just talk about anything


I won’t require you to spend most of your time with me

I won’t be clingy, and I won’t get jealous easily

but this doesn’t  mean I care for you less

I just think we need time for others, for ourselves… I guess



I won’t be demanding, but know I’ll need you

when I’m down, a hug will always do

try not to lie, and always say the things you have in mind

these and more will lead to us intertwined

R & J


he loves me… but not enough.

he says he loves me

but no… his love is not enough

it’s not enough for him

to be the guy I want

and need

he wouldn’t leave his ‘cool’ image

just for me

he couldn’t quit smoking

or cursing

or even liking, seeing and dating other girls

he loves me

but he loves himself more

he puts his happiness first

before me, or even his family and friends

he loves me

but not enough.



I love her

no, I adore her

I’m willing to change only if she gives me a chance

I love her, and I need her

I need her to accept me, and my flaws

that this ‘cool’ image I have

the smoking and cursing

the other girls and the selfishness

I need her to accept me and these

and then make me understand

that despite all of these

I am worthy of being loved

and that’s when I’ll know

if she could love the imperfect me

then she would never leave the perfect me

… so I’ll make myself perfect,

for her.

Love as a Story Always Wrongly Told

Written by Pent Elyria Dawn V. Liongson


Love is a myth, a classic saga, admit.

Many a tale, each has surely have heard

Starring two or more lovers playing sweet

with villains stand between, each couple feared.


Love is a metrical romance, declare.

But reading it is impossible as

finding a brave knight in distress who’s fair

or damsel in shining armor one has.


Love is an epic, too lengthy, assert.

Where forces resist, heroes are of need

But typically Beowulfs die or hurt

And Bidasaris mostly plead and bleed.


Love is a novel, complicated, claim.

Filled with chapters you count from now and then.

Beginnings do have endings, all are same

Endings are sadly preset, beyond ken.


Love is fiction, stranger than way it’s told.

From time to time it is passed by folks.

It’s a paradox no one can unfold.

Listen to nothing, love is but a hoax.

My Forever

my feelings were clear

I made sure you know dear

took every moment for you to see

that your presence brings me glee


such bliss was returned

my heart, I felt it burned

I heard those words finally

saying you also love me


I think I should let you know

that you give me so much glow

and when you smile at me it’s obvious to see

‘us’ is what’s supposed to be


when you touch my face I shiver

when you hold my hand the feelings make me wonder

would it feel the same in years to come

would it still be perfect without yours in my palm


the days with you I want to last

dates with you, coffee every breakfast

even disagreement with you I value

especially if it’s about a book we argue


love, a poem is all I offer

but they say writings last forever

and that’s how I hope us to be

forever, there will be you and me