Lonely Soul





We were side by side

That one day in April

You reached for my hand

And asked me to look up to the sky

“It’s blue,” I said.

“Yes, it is. It means sadness… but now that I’m looking

at it while holding your hand, it brings me so much


Then you looked at me

Smiling so bright and whispered,

“I love you.”



The way you whispered those words

The way I gasped as I feel those words

It made my knees weak

It sent shivers to my spine

It brought butterflies in my stomach

“I love you,”

I whispered as well.






How we spent our days together, that

We almost believed in forever

We even promised to be with each other

But then…



The day you begged me to let you go

Not because we fell out of love, or so

You just begged me to let you go

And I did because I love you so

I did because I want you to be happy, it’s true

I did even though it was breaking my heart

in more than two

I did because I believed in songs from stereo

I did because I thought you just needed time for yourself too


And I regret it

I regret everything

I regret saying yes to your stupid reasons

Now my mind is clouded up with questions

“How did you manage to look happier?”

When I still go to sleep

Remembering your smell

And  always wake up with a thought

A hope that you would still be here

R & J


he loves me… but not enough.

he says he loves me

but no… his love is not enough

it’s not enough for him

to be the guy I want

and need

he wouldn’t leave his ‘cool’ image

just for me

he couldn’t quit smoking

or cursing

or even liking, seeing and dating other girls

he loves me

but he loves himself more

he puts his happiness first

before me, or even his family and friends

he loves me

but not enough.



I love her

no, I adore her

I’m willing to change only if she gives me a chance

I love her, and I need her

I need her to accept me, and my flaws

that this ‘cool’ image I have

the smoking and cursing

the other girls and the selfishness

I need her to accept me and these

and then make me understand

that despite all of these

I am worthy of being loved

and that’s when I’ll know

if she could love the imperfect me

then she would never leave the perfect me

… so I’ll make myself perfect,

for her.