Ignored and Forgotten

Happy are those memories we had (or my memories with her). Happy is the face she has right now.

I look at her. She’s with her friends. They are laughing. She is laughing. She still laughs like it’s her last.

Maybe… maybe she had forgotten what happened the other day. Or maybe, it’s just me who still bleed because of that day.

We were together in the library.

“I love you Nicole…” I said. I regret saying this. I shouldn’t have said it had I known it will be the last.

She looked at me but she did not reply.

I leaned closer to her. “I love you Nicole,” I repeated.

Three years. I’ve been telling her I love her for three years.

“Kharl…” she whispered. Slowly, she continued,”…you know I never really loved you… right?”

I looked at her. She never said it before, but she she made sure I’d notice it.

“Yes..” I replied.

I look at her. She’s still laughing… but she’s now looking at me.



A guy came inside our classroom. Everybody recognized him. I recognized him.


He stood in front and started talking. I did not understand any of the things he said for I was busy reminiscing how the two of us used to be. His promises, my promises. Our happiness.

I waited… expected him to stutter or even show signs that he was conscious standing in front of me. But he finished talking confidently, perfectly.

And he left.

Without saying goodbye.

Not even goodbye Heather.


The guy was nervous. He had never been this nervous before. “Sach… can we be more than friends?” He expected her to be shocked at first, but she will gather her senses and say “yes” later on.He had practiced everything he’ll say so nothing will go wrong.

“Seh!” he heard her calling him.

He looked back and saw her face. She was smiling. “This is it,” he thought.

He walked towards her, opened his mouth to start telling her his unnoticed feelings, but then, she started saying…

“I’ve been looking for you! I’ve been wanting to tell you…”

Is she going to say she likes me too?

“… he called!And we talked! We fixed everything and we’re back together!”

The Coffee and the Rain

It is raining. And here I am, alone, sipping my favorite coffee while gazing at the people who come and go from this shop; just like me, they use the rain as an excuse to drink hot coffees.

This day should have been blissful. I met with him to celebrate our first anniversary, but instead of him saying happy anniversary, he said: “I think we should end this.”

“Is this a joke?” I asked.

“No… Victoria, I’m sorry. I saw Len yesterday and—”

“She left you two years ago.”

“I know… I’m sorry.”

And he walked out, just like that. Shocked. Hurt. But I cannot cry. I tried, but I just can’t. I started to walk when it started drizzling and when I saw this shop, I stopped by. I cannot go inside because this is where I first met him. But when the drizzle started to become a heavy rain, I had to go inside and order.

It was raining. It was raining hard just like this when I first met him. He approached me and said: “May I join you?”

I looked around and saw that there were no vacant chairs so I said, “Of course.”

Then we started talking. He talked about Len leaving him that day. Then, we started seeing each other after that day.

It is still raining. My coffee is already cold.

“May I join you?” somebody asked.

“Huh?” I looked up. A guy is smiling at me.

“There’s no other vacant chair but this… so, may I join you?”