all those nights I stayed up late waiting for you

all those dates you cancelled

all those late nights you called

all those Sundays I went to church alone

i asked you

if I had done something wrong

if I said something awful

if you were bothered with something

you laughed it all off

saying I was overthinking

telling me to trust you a little more

asking me to believe you, and your words

only to find out

you were with another girl

eating dinner with her, while I wait for you to come home

watching movies with her, when I always asked you to watch with me, you said you were busy

going on dates with her, while I stay home wondering what you were up to

spending valentine’s day with her, while I stayed up late waiting for your message, hoping for a little surprise from you

love, you said I was at fault

for doubting you and your words

for thinking you were dishonest

for asking you thoughtless things

and I said sorry

many times

though I didn’t know what I did wrong

I said sorry

for things I did and didn’t do

and you said it’s okay

because you love me

you told me to change

and to believe in you

and I did love

because I love you

because I believe in you

I did

because I loved you

because I believed in you



Your touch brings me ripples of excitement

Your voice makes me forget my sleepiness

I crave your hug the way I crave coffee in the morning

I long for your kiss, every minute I utter your name

It’s a strange thing, these feelings you bring

I forget what I went through whenever I hear you say “I love you”

In times of discomfort, your hug I’m sure would be my only cure

And hell I know I wouldn’t sleep properly at night without hearing you say good night

Things have changed ever since you came back

I started to forget every bitterness I said about falling in love

You see, the things I do for you, it’s a new version of me

A version which I think is better than what I used to be

I love you, I’m quite sure of it love

Don’t ask me why, for a day of explaining might not be enough

I love you, can’t you just accept it for now?

Then let’s spend every day showing how we adore each other so much

Iyong mga Mata

Kay sarap titigan

Nakakabighaning pakinggan

Ang mga mensaheng nilalaman

Ng iyong mga matang madalas mong ipikit sa katotohanan

Pigilan mo mang pilit

Itago mo man lahat ng sakit

Sa puso’t isipan ko’y di mawawaglit

Ang mga nakalasaming tuwa, hiya, lungkot at galit

Sa kanila, mukha mo ay kay saya

Binubulag at binibingi mo sila sa iyong mga tawa

Nilulunod mo sila, pati na iyong sarili sa mga kwentong masaya

At sa sobrang galing mong magtago, lahat sila iyong napaniwala

Lahat sila, pero hindi ako

Na sa gitna ng iyong pagtawa, mga mata mo’y lalabo

Sa pagpigil sa mga luha mong pagod na rin sa pagtulo

Na ang bawat biro ay senyales na madalas ay gusto mo na ring sumuko

Ang halakhak, pati palakpak, sumisimbolo ng bawat mong pagkakabigo

At habang lahat sila magiliw na nakikisayaw sa iyong tawa

Naroon ako sa sulok, nagmamasid, at aking nakikita

Na ang iyong mga mata

Isinisigaw nito ang mga salitang pagod ka nang bigkasin pa

Tama na, ayoko na

Tama na, ayoko na

Tama na, ayoko na.

Tell Me

Tell me

what did you see in her

for you to think that

it was better to leave

me, and be with her.


Tell me

does she whisper “I love you”

sweeter than I did

does she hold your hand

tighter, like she is more afraid

to let you go

like her life is unimaginable

without you.


Tell me

does she sing to the songs

you play, does she laugh louder

at your corny jokes, does she

make your coffee as perfect as I did.

Does she even know you love

it when it rains, you loathe it

when the sun touches your skin,

does she take note of these things?

Does she hug you like

it would be the last

does she kiss you when you’re mad,

when you’re down, when

you’re happy, when you least

expect it.


Tell me

what did you see in her

that you did not see in me

does she do things better than

I did, does she love you

more than I did?


Tell me

just tell me these things

just give me reasons

lie or truth, I promise

to believe.


Tell me

just give me something to blame

so I could stop thinking, where

it all went wrong

so I could stop crying at night

blaming myself, blaming you

blaming what I did, blaming

what I said. And I cry even more

knowing that nothing went wrong

you just decided to let go.




We were side by side

That one day in April

You reached for my hand

And asked me to look up to the sky

“It’s blue,” I said.

“Yes, it is. It means sadness… but now that I’m looking

at it while holding your hand, it brings me so much


Then you looked at me

Smiling so bright and whispered,

“I love you.”



The way you whispered those words

The way I gasped as I feel those words

It made my knees weak

It sent shivers to my spine

It brought butterflies in my stomach

“I love you,”

I whispered as well.






How we spent our days together, that

We almost believed in forever

We even promised to be with each other

But then…



The day you begged me to let you go

Not because we fell out of love, or so

You just begged me to let you go

And I did because I love you so

I did because I want you to be happy, it’s true

I did even though it was breaking my heart

in more than two

I did because I believed in songs from stereo

I did because I thought you just needed time for yourself too


And I regret it

I regret everything

I regret saying yes to your stupid reasons

Now my mind is clouded up with questions

“How did you manage to look happier?”

When I still go to sleep

Remembering your smell

And  always wake up with a thought

A hope that you would still be here

to the next guy who would dare say he loves me

it will be difficult to convince me of what you feel,

for I’ve been in many situations where guys would cover with lies what’s real

so please be patient with me and don’t give up right away

make me believe that this time, someone is willing to stay


I’ll doubt your words, so you have to be persistent

I’ll act like I don’t care, so you have to be confident

when I text you, call you, or chat you first it’s a sign

I’m opening up; soon I’ll be calling you mine


I like “good mornings” and “good nights” the most

at morning, remind me of my coffee and toast

I like receiving notes, and I still think love letters are the best

travels, food, music, movies,  books… those are what’s inside my treasure chest


I’ll care for you, I’ll miss you, but I won’t say it

I’m not a cheesy person, but I’ll love it if sometimes you’re sweet

expensive dates and gifts, those are not my thing

a walk in a park, a museum visit, or a coffee date— we can do these and just talk about anything


I won’t require you to spend most of your time with me

I won’t be clingy, and I won’t get jealous easily

but this doesn’t  mean I care for you less

I just think we need time for others, for ourselves… I guess



I won’t be demanding, but know I’ll need you

when I’m down, a hug will always do

try not to lie, and always say the things you have in mind

these and more will lead to us intertwined