The Day I Confessed

Written by Aaron Pangaibat


I was in my own world,

You were minding yours

I thought i was living a life any guy would ever wanted,

While you were getting back at your own

I am close to you

And so you are to me

Things already in front of our very own eyes

but we refused to see

Then suddenly it all just happened

I was in shock how things get so bizarre

For I surprisingly confessed and see the beauty of who you really are

Hesitant, thats what you felt

While I am standing by your side and everytime you make my heart melt

I tried once more and said i love you

Like a strike of a lightning, you said you feel it too

I will never waste this God given chance,

Let me tell this not just once,

I’m gonna live a happy life with you

And will give you more love that’s right and true


Another Heartbreak

I have never cried in front of anyone but you

I have never let anyone see the vulnerable side of me

But that day, when tears were about to burst

I find myself looking for you

And you just sat there by my side

Listened to what I had to say

Said few words to make me feel better

And yes, I felt so much better

That day, I think, is when I started to find comfort in your presence

I told you things no one knew about me

I told you things I was afraid to tell even my friends

I told you the darkest things I did

The awful things I had to go through

I didn’t even realize

But I showed you the worst of me

And you’re just there

By my side, listening

I didn’t care if you would judge me

Or look at me with disappointment

But you never did

You opened your arms, and gave me assurance by a hug

Things slowly changed

I must admit I am holding on to your words

I long for your hug every single day

I know I shouldn’t, you know it too

I won’t tell you to do things both of us might regret in the end

I’m not even going to ask you to do things for me

There is still no certainty of what you feel for me

While I think of you at night

I dream of you even

And I’m doing the best I can to ignore these feelings

I’m doing my best not to fall

So please, if you’re not going to stay

Let me know right away

You know I would accept whatever it is

But you have to tell me

Because I tell myself I deserve better

But another part of me says this is the better

If this is all temporary

Let me know right away

So I could ready my heart

For another heartbreak

One More Day with You

I think I loved you too much
but showed and made you feel I didn’t

So if I were to ask one thing for now
i’d ask for a day with you

No, don’t think too much
i just want another day with you

This time, I’ll hold your hand
tell you “i love you” very proud

I’d kiss you whenever you ask
and let you kiss me even with people around

I’d cook you the food you love
and let you stay in my place till dark

I’ll learn and play that game you’re into
and join your team, and cheer for you

I’d talk on the phone with you for hours
and sing you songs till you fall asleep

I’d read you the poem I wrote for us
i’d even join you drink, i’d do these much

But these things won’t happen
we both know it

Though you know I would
if you decide to call me again

So please don’t call, or
remind me of your existence

Not until I wake up one day
without longing for your “good morning”

So, till then, be happy and stay in love
while I continue to mend my broken heart.

Indie Songs and Beers

midnight has struck

half of the people are asleep

but I lay awake

with lots of things in my head

I checked my phone

scrolled a little

then things slowly crept in my mind

and I could not resist

but entertain them

I put my phone down

and let them in

same things

same memories

flashed back

same person

same words

but the pain they bring

it never seem to lessen

tears fell one by one

until I cried a river

my phone beeped

I ignored it

another beep, and another, and another…

I blocked all the thoughts

and checked who’s reaching out

I saw your name

“Beer?” you asked.

“Now?” I replied.

“Yes. Saguijo or 12 Monkeys?”

I got up and changed

“Booked a Grab to Saguijo,” I said few minutes after.

“See you,” you replied.

and so, there we met

indie bands with members younger than us

were playing

we stayed a little

and went to another bar nearby

wandered some more

booked a Grab every time we switched places

inside the car

we could smell cigarettes and beers

but not too drunk for another beer

and so we transferred

from one bar to another

and waited for the sun to rise

in a fast food restaurant

we booked a Grab home

when the sun started to rise

“12 Monkeys next Sat?” you asked.

“Sure,” I replied.

The Rain

Just like the rain

you came unwanted, unexpected

At first I was hesitant

and chose not to drench

But time went by

I held out my hand

And feel few droplets

on my palm

It was cold

but I enjoyed it

It made me seek for warmth

and with you I found it

So, I stepped out a little farther

and got more drenched

It was a new feeling

but damn, I enjoyed it

People looked, warned me

of getting ill

But who cares

under this rain I became livelier,


I neglected the fact

that this came unwanted, enexpected

And just as I realized

how I love being in that state

It stopped without warning

and left me all drenched.

Love, Lies and Loneliness

Written by Tristan Jett Ong

I once had a dog I called Loneliness
I shared him with everyone but they all got depressed
No matter how his hair is styled and how he’s dressed
The people around us all just got stressed

So I got a new dog and I named her Lies
With both of them there no one got teary eyed
I let Lies take the spotlight while Loneliness stayed at the back
There was nothing but cheerful and positive feedback

But Loneliness grew weaker a bit day by day
No longer can he come with us just to play
One day i came home to see that Loneliness had died
The best friend I had for years who was always by my side

But before Loneliness died the two had conceived
Lies was pregnant and I couldn’t believe
I may have lost Loneliness but my heart swelled with joy
What name better than Love would I call this sweet boy

Love was a happy-go-lucky little pup
And Lies was a mother people could only dream of
But it didn’t take long before Lies left the earth
And again my poor heart grieved with sadness and hurt

But then I remembered that Love was still there
I cared for him deeply, took him everywhere
Though it was’t true love but was just a disguise
A love fathered by loneliness and nurtured by lies