No One

Nobody knows that you’re tired of everything

That you’re barely alive and breathing

You’ve tried enough but the demands are too much

You always end up going back to scratch

You were so fragile, so pure

Everything was serene, every wound has a cure.


Until the ajar door into reality

Opened wide, you stepped into it excitedly

Because you thought it was the same world you made yourself believe

At last! Seeing it is the purpose you live

You thought it’s a world of bliss

It’s a world you would hug and kiss

But then, the more you hug it, its thorns come out and make you bleed

The more you want to kiss it, it seeks more than what it need.


You wait for others to sleep in the middle of the night

And there, you lie so weak, with no one in sight

You question everything, how your perspectives changed

You can’t come up with an answer, in pain you cringed

You sob, and sob, and sob some more

You sob like you’ve never done it before

You bang your head on the wall

In hopes that that situation you won’t recall.


No one

You think there is no one

You’re too focused with your pain

You think it’s the only thing you gain

But darling, you forgot to recognize someone’s name

Even without calling Him, know He’s taking all your shame

You always seek comfort from those who disappoint you

When there He is, willing to love all of you

You think He created rain to drown you

When all He wanted is to wash away your thoughts of being blue

You blame the sun for having you feel burn

When all He wanted was to show how bright His love could turn

You loathe everything around you

When He created it all because of His love for you.


No one.

There is no one…

but Him who stayed with you.


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