Love as a Story Always Wrongly Told

Written by Pent Elyria Dawn V. Liongson


Love is a myth, a classic saga, admit.

Many a tale, each has surely have heard

Starring two or more lovers playing sweet

with villains stand between, each couple feared.


Love is a metrical romance, declare.

But reading it is impossible as

finding a brave knight in distress who’s fair

or damsel in shining armor one has.


Love is an epic, too lengthy, assert.

Where forces resist, heroes are of need

But typically Beowulfs die or hurt

And Bidasaris mostly plead and bleed.


Love is a novel, complicated, claim.

Filled with chapters you count from now and then.

Beginnings do have endings, all are same

Endings are sadly preset, beyond ken.


Love is fiction, stranger than way it’s told.

From time to time it is passed by folks.

It’s a paradox no one can unfold.

Listen to nothing, love is but a hoax.


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