Things That Remind Me of Him

I may have many poems in this blog, but there is only one poem dedicated to a person who would occasionally cross my mind. He is the person I know I won’t forget, and I have never even convinced myself to forget him. Maybe, it’s also the reason I don’t write about him. It’s not that I still have romantic feelings for him, but because of him, I was able to learn how to love and to forgive. He was also the first person to make me feel betrayed, cheated on  and yes, loved at the same time. He’s my first boyfriend, and though we don’t talk or see each other anymore, I’d like to think that we are still friends.

One of the reasons I consider him special is my being sentimental when it comes to him and that is justifiable given the fact that he’s my first boyfriend. A lot of things remind me of him. And in this entry, I listed everything.

Love Letters

Love letters remind me of him not because he had given me one, but because he had not given me a letter. But I remember how he liked to read those love letters his best friend gave me, and love letters from other people. He would get jealous and angry, but he would read everything until the end. Honestly, I expected him to give me one, but he never did.

Valentine’s Day

                We only had one V-day during our time together. And since it was my first relationship, I expected something from him. But we spent that day just like how we spent our every day. He waited until my class ended, and walked me home. On our way, I told him that his best friend gave me a letter and he said he wanted to read it. It was a valentine greeting, and as soon as he read it, he said, “Oy, happy valentines nga pla”. I just smiled; I did not even bother to tell him that I received gifts from other guys as well because he might give me one too, not because he was willing, but because others did.

A Song

Yes, cheesy as it may sound, but I have a song for him. I decided when we were together that he should be my last boyfriend, and as soon as I heard that song, I thought of him. I still think of him whenever I hear that song.

Teddy Bears

Patrick. I have a teddy named Patrick. I got it as a Christmas gift. And since we had a misunderstanding around Christmas, I had no one to share my thoughts and feelings except Patrick. I guess Patrick replaced my boyfriend for some time, that’s why both of them are still precious to me.

Holding Hands

Before, I thought that once you officially become a couple, it’s normal to hold hands. But in our case, he would ALWAYS ask me if he could hold my hand. I really thought that it was sweet. And even up to now, whenever I see a couple holding each other’s hands, I remember him. I remember how shy he looked whenever he would ask permission to hold my hand.

Hello to you! Alm kong di mo naman mababasa ‘to. Sadyang palagi kang nababanggit ng mga kaibigan ko kaya di ako matatahimik hangga’t di ako nakakapagsulat tungkol sa ‘yo. Or kung mababasa mo man ‘to, peace! 🙂




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