Still a Second

He’s a friend whenever he wants to be

He’s a lover when no one can see

He’s dangerous, yet you choose to ignore, for

He’s the one, together the world you’ll explore


Don’t go out with him a friend once said

But when he asked you, again you were swayed

Your heart flustered at his smile

Though deep inside you know he’s vile


He’s toying, you realized long ago

Those memories, you just can’t let go

They’re enough reason you hold on to

Even when with his woman he would always run to


A distraction to him, you are

Every contact with him leaves a scar

While others say it’s all wrong

You stay, you think you belong


But darling, I know you cry at night

In front of us you pretend with all your might

I could see your smirk when he holds her hand

I know your knees tremble but you manage to stand 

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