Together, You and I

Sometimes I wonder

How it would feel

To have someone

To share an umbrella with

On rainy or sunny walks.


Would I feel more secured

If somebody’s holding my hand

When crossing roads?


Is it more relaxing

To talk to someone

While I drink my daily cup of coffee

In my favorite coffee shop?


Will it be more fun

If I share my midnight ice cream with someone

As we own the street we’re walking by?


Or will I appreciate more

The music I’m listening to

If I listen with someone?


I’d love to know

How it would feel

And I’d be glad

To do those things again

Together, you and I.



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  1. Ironically I was pondering almost these exact same thoughts yesterday, after making eye contact with someone who for whatever reason had a profound effect on me. In the end I don’t know. I really am happy the way I am, and there’s so much I want to do in life. I guess I’ll leave it up to fate: if there is such a thing.

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