One Song

I was in doubt
Thus, speechless
I was ready to leave
To hide the tears
That are about to fall
But you appeared in front of me
Smiling widely
But your eyes are as sad as mine
“One song…” you whispered
As you held out your hand
My hand automatically reached yours
You saw it trembling, and grabbed it
“One song…” I whispered
You smiled, and I did
Still with sadness in our eyes
You dragged me
We stopped in the middle
We paused for a while
And we started dancing
I wished for the song not to end
I prayed we’d stay close a little longer
But the song stopped
My prayer did not work
“One song…” we whispered
We both loosened our grip
And suddenly we’re away from each other
I tried to reach for you
But they kept on pulling me away
Until I couldn’t see you
But I could still remember
How you shouted my name



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