Single on V-Day

   Meet- ups with friends are always fun, until one would start asking, “May boyfriend ka na?” Followed by “Choosy ka kasi eh!” or “Baka naman masyadong mataas ang standards mo?” and endless questions and suggestions on how to be in a relationship. Seriously?!?
   To all people who are too concerned about my single status, I am okay. You need not to remind me constantly about it because more than anyone else, I am very aware that I am single.
   I am okay with it. I am very aware of it. And just like you who are in a relationship, I am happy. I would only feel sad about it when you start reminding me, because what the heck? What’s wrong with being single? I can go to meet- ups anytime without someone asking, “Sino kasama mo?” “Hanggang anong oras ka?” “Anong suot mo?” I can also buy books without someone commenting that the title is not nice or the plot is too lame, and no one would pester me with messages like, “Nasan ka?” “Anong ginagawa mo?” “Umuwi ka na!” “Matulog ka na!”
   Just because I’m single doesn’t mean that nobody cares about me. Occasionally, I would receive messages inquiring how I’ve been or if I would like to go out. See? There’s nothing to be lonely about it. Though it’s not a perfect life being single, it’s also not a perfect life being in a relationship, right?
   So this v-day, don’t frig about how I would celebrate it. You, couples, celebrate it with your partners, while I would celebrate it with my family members or single friends.


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