Kingdom of Tofu (Chapter 8)

Ronald had no control over the situation. The beautiful woman dragged him outside the house. He was not even given a chance to say goodbye to the Witch, or even take some of his things with him. The beautiful woman did not talk to him. He did not know what to say either so he did not say anything. But he found out one thing about the woman. She’s well skilled in riding a horse. There was only one horse so he was at the back of the woman. He was able to smell her and be fascinated by her white strands of hair. It was actually his first time to see someone– who’s not old enough— to have white strands of hair.

It was a long journey. He wanted to stop and drink water but the woman was too quiet. He was afraid to request for rest because the woman might get angry. Finally, the beautiful woman spoke.

“We’re almost there. Let’s rest when we get there.”

“There?” he asked.

“There,” she replied, pointing to a palace.

“Are you a queen?”

The woman did not reply anymore. And their pace increased. And finally, they reached the place. The people were attentive to them. The guards were quick to open the gate for them and escort them inside the palace. Once inside the palace, men and women approached them.

“We need to eat and to rest,” the woman announced.

“What would you like to eat, Queen Veronica?” one of the servants asked.

Ronald realized that he was right. She is indeed a queen.

“Anything,” she replied. “He,” pointing at Ronald, “will have whatever I’ll have.”

Moments later, Ronald and Veronica, were having their meal. The Queen noticed that Ronald was eating little so she encouraged him to eat some more. But he refused. He was still confused. A Queen abducted him. And the Witch did nothing to stop her.

“Stop thinking. You look just like your brother when you do that,” the Queen said.

And now she could read my mind.

And she mentioned something foreign.


He looked at her. He wanted to ask about what she had said. It was new to him. It was so new to him he wanted to cry all of a sudden.But as he was about to ask questions, she spoke again.

“Finish eating. Then we’ll talk.”


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