Kingdom of Tofu (Chapter 7)

Not long after Ronald left the Witch’s room, he heard heavy footsteps outside the house. It was not of a man, but of a horse.

“Another strange thing, he thought.”

Having a visitor is a strange thing. They never had any visitor, as far as Ronald could remember.

He went outside to check who their visitor is. He hurriedly opened the door. He was surprised to see a very beautiful woman standing outside. Ronald could see a black horse in one of the trees on their yard. The woman looked like she was about to knock when he opened the door.He was too stunned by her beauty that he was unable to utter any word. The woman was also shocked upon seeing him.

“Who are you” both of them asked at the same time.

None of them answered their question. The woman, unsure of what to say or do, went inside the house.

“Auntie!” she called. When she heard no response, she looked at Ronald. “What did you do to my aunt? Who are you? Why are you here?”

My aunt? The Witch has a niece? She has relatives? Could this woman be a witch as well?”

“Ahm”, he started. “I’m Ronald.”

“Ronald?! You are Ronald?” The woman said. She said it too loud, like he just said a miracle. “This is insane”, the woman whispered. She started walking back and forth in front of Ronald. Her head was bowed, her arms crossed her chest. She was biting her lips and in deep thoughts. After a while, she stopped walking and looked at Ronald. “Your name is Ronald?” she asked.

“Yes. I’m Ronald and I’ve been with the Wit—- your aunt for eighteen years.”

“Eighteen years!” she screamed. “Where is she? Where is she?”

The woman ran to the room of the Witch. She slammed the door when she entered, and closed it. Ronald could hear screams from the room but he was too afraid to eavesdrop. He felt that he would not like what he would hear so he just waited for either of the women to come out of the room.

The screaming continued. He just stood there wondering who the beautiful woman is. He was in the middle of thinking when the door opened. It was the beautiful woman who came out of the room. He waited for the Witch to come out, but she did not. The woman went to him. She looked like she just cried. She placed her hands on Ronald’s shoulders. She touched his face and looked at him with so much longing.

“Ronald, listen to me. You are leaving this place today. You will come with me.”


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