Ignored and Forgotten

Happy are those memories we had (or my memories with her). Happy is the face she has right now.

I look at her. She’s with her friends. They are laughing. She is laughing. She still laughs like it’s her last.

Maybe… maybe she had forgotten what happened the other day. Or maybe, it’s just me who still bleed because of that day.

We were together in the library.

“I love you Nicole…” I said. I regret saying this. I shouldn’t have said it had I known it will be the last.

She looked at me but she did not reply.

I leaned closer to her. “I love you Nicole,” I repeated.

Three years. I’ve been telling her I love her for three years.

“Kharl…” she whispered. Slowly, she continued,”…you know I never really loved you… right?”

I looked at her. She never said it before, but she she made sure I’d notice it.

“Yes..” I replied.

I look at her. She’s still laughing… but she’s now looking at me.


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