Kingdom of Tofu (Chapter 3)


The queen left the Kingdom of Tofu with a smirk on her face. But the moment she entered her own palace, she started throwing things and shouted at every servant. Then she sat on the floor and started sobbing. The servants around her looked terrified but they seemed to know how to deal with their Queen. They just watched her and waited for her to finish.

Few moments later, the Queen calmed down.

“I’m hungry,” she said and the servants moved immediately to serve her food.

“That old damn man. I swear I’ll have him killed. But I need to have my nephew first,” she said while standing up. She was talking to no one in particular.

She started walking over the dining room. She was still mumbling about her plans on having King Tofu killed. She was always like that. She talked to no one in particular. She would just talk. And she would freak out if in the middle of her speech, she asked a question and none of the servants answer.

“Those children are the only relatives I have. And I wasn’t even able to see them! And my sister! She’s gone without hearing me say goodbye!”she continued talking. She reach the dining room and walked over her favorite seat. She liked to sit on the chair across the door so that she could see her visitors coming—- which never happened yet.

Meanwhile, in the Kingdom of Tofu, Mikee was knocking hard on her parents’ room.

“Father! Father!” she shouted.

“Come in,” the King replied.

Mikee entered the room and found her father lying on the bed. She walked to her father and sat on the bed.

“Where’s Aunt Veronica?” she asked.




“But I haven’t seen her yet! It has been years father!”

“What’s the point of seeing her? She’s no one.”

“She’s my Aunt. She gives me beautiful dresses, she braids my hair and allows me to play in the garden.”

“I’m sorry,” the King apologized but he did not look apologetic. I thought you were sleeping so I told her you were asleep.”

“Asleep? You asked me to get something. You promised to tell her to wait for me. But when I came back—!”

“Stop it Mikee, I’m… tired,” the King said dismissing his child.

Mikee was about to protest when a knight opened the door and said…

“My King… Princess. I apologize for my sudden appearance but— the Prince… Prince Ronald… he’s gone.”


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