Kingdom of Tofu (Chapter 2)


Days gone by. Two days after her death, the queen was buried. The people in the Kingdom mourned and shed tears.

The news of the birth of a new royalty in the Kingdom of Tofu and the death of their queen reached other Kingdoms. Condolences and congratulations poured in. Neither the King nor his children were happy or sad. The memories of the queen brought them sadness and the laughter of Ronald brought them happiness.

Seven days after the birth of Ronald, a Queen visited the Kingdom of Tofu. She had no knight with her. She was riding a very black horse. Her skin was white, as well as her hair. She was wearing an elegant, long red dress. People gasped at the sight of her because she had a beauty which no goddess can surpass. She was the sister of the queen of the Kingdom of Tofu.

She entered the palace without help from people. Neither was she welcomed by any of them. She had their attention, yes. But no one dared to approach her. She made her way to the room where the King usually stayed. It was a big room with a long table in the middle. When the Queen entered the room, she found the King seated on one of the chairs. His legs were on the table. He was almost daydreaming but the presence of the Queen brought him back to reality. He almost laughed at the sight of the Queen.

The Queen remained few steps away from the door.

“I demand to see my nephew,” she told King Tofu.

“He doesn’t want to see you,” the King replied.

“Oh sure. Babies can talk 7 days after birth now?”

The King put his legs down and stood up.

“He doesn’t want to see you.”

The Queen smirked.

“Okay,”she said. “Can I at least say hi to James and Mikee?”

“Oh. Them? They were so frightened when they heard you were coming. They barred their doors.”

The Queen chuckled. And smirked. “You shouldn’t treat a Queen like that.”

“You’re a Queen, maybe. Tyrant, yes. Respected, no. Everybody knows my wife deserved that throne. Everybody knows you poisoned your mother and killed your father while he was sleeping.”

The Queen gave him a sharp look. She turned her back and walked to the door. She stopped one step from the door.

“You talk as if you know everything. One day, I’ll have you killed,” she told the King without looking at him. Then she reached for the door and walked out.


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