Kingdom of Tofu (Chapter 1)


It was an exciting day.

The people in the Kingdom of Tofu were so excited for the birth of the third child of their kingdom’s royalty. The women wore their finest dress– rich to poor– while children were bathed and prohibited to play on the streets. Men on the other hand, stopped working that day and stayed inside their houses. It’s a tradition. They must welcome the new member of the royal family presentably and peacefully.

Meanwhile, in the palace, the two children together with their father, were excited for their new sibling. James, the eldest child, saw his mother gave birth to his sister Mikee so he just kept quiet and looked at his mother. While Mikee was very curious.

“How long do I need to wait for the baby to come out, father?” she asked sleepily. On ordinary days, she would be asleep the whole day but she woke up early that day and went straight to her mother’s room. She was really excited.

“Not that long. When mother had you, you came out willingly. We only found out you’re out of mother’s tummy when we heard you crying on the floor,” James answered her.

Mikee ignored her brother and looked at her father instead, and waited for an answer. But she did not get any for her father was busy thinking about their mother’s health. His wife doesn’t look well. It was the third time she was giving birth but she looked different that time. She was too pale and too weak.

Moments later, they heard a baby crying.

“Father, the baby’s out! It came out just like how Mikee did!”

King Tofu looked on the floor and he saw a baby crying. It was a boy. A very healthy boy. Another child to carry his name. Another Tofu. He was so happy. He picked the baby and handed him to a maid. “Bathe and dress him nicely. I must introduce him to the Kingdom in an hour.”

Just then he heard Mikee screaming.

“Father, mother doesn’t look well!”

He hurriedly ran to his wife’s bed. A maid was holding the queen’s hand. When she saw the King, she released the queen’s hand and let the King hold his wife. The king looked at his wife worriedly. Her eyes were closed. She looked pale yet relaxed. He grabbed her hand. He was about to say something when he realized that his wife was not holding his hand. He heard his two children sobbing.

“It was meant to happen. Your mother said so.”

The two children said nothing but continued sobbing.

“Yesterday, she told me that we must take care of your little brother. We must love him and make sure that he would still feel loved and complete even though he has no mother anymore.”

And so, an hour later, the people in the Kingdom gathered in the palace. The King introduced his newborn son and announced that he will be named Ronald. The people were gloriously screaming and cheering for the birth of a new prince. But their happiness did not last long. The King, refusing to cry in front of his people, also announced on the same day that they lost their queen.


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