Favorite Stranger

amazing 🙂 simply amazing…

line between

Never shall tears fill the emptiness
nor apparitions take your place

I am shut by the righteousness they dictate;
blinded by fears of I don’t know what.

Missing endearments I’ve never heard
hugs I’ve never felt; your mere presence.
But it was not you to blame.

My day is closing in.
I am doomed with guiltiness; of love I should’ve shown, of steps I should’ve made.
Let me know, it’s not too late.

Years had passed and they’d all shown defeat.
Surrender to the truth that we’re broken.
I’m broken.

And they will not yield.
You want to love, they just hate.
Forgiveness is out of the picture, to this we all suffer.

I am tied.
Crushing, dying.

If I say that I love you,
would they stop? Would you?

We’re broken for a reason.

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